Sunday, March 18, 2012

A little delayed...

It's been a while, I know. It has been a struggle lately for me to get up the enthusiasm to sit down and write a blog, but on this day after St. Patrick's Day (no, they don't celebrate it here), I shall make a valiant effort.
It has almost been two months since I last posted. In that one, I was leading the cribbage series. Currently, I am down three games. However, I pulled off one of the rarest and most devastating wins possible, the Double Skunking. For those of you who don't know cribbage, you have to get 121 points through various hands to win the game. If the opponent doesn't get 91 points, you have skunked them, thus earning two wins. If they don't reach 61 points, it's a double skunking, worth three wins. Greg still hasn't recovered.
In February, things happened. There was school. Very good. I had a visitor, in the form of Katherine Driscoll, which was most awesome. It's always good to see where you live through the eyes of an outsider. It certainly helps me appreciate where I am a bit more. It was great having her here. Last month I also started an art club for the little ones after school, as many of them wait for their older siblings to go home. We've been drawing and coloring like professionals.
Greg and I went to the dump one day. It is scary. Here's some pictures.
Scary dump.

Road into the dump.

On the last weekend of February, the Belize JVs went on retreat in San Antonio. We stayed at the rectory in the village, which is made out of looted stones from a Mayan temple. It's haunted. The retreat was great and it was nice to get out of PG and relax and catch up with the Belize City folk.
I slept outside on the veranda so I got a good look at the sunrise over the jungle.

There were also CRAZY storm clouds looking quite ominous over the church.

March arrived, as you know, after February. The big event in Belize was the election. On March 7, the country voted for all the positions of government. There are two main parties in Belize, the United Democratic Party (UDP) and the People's United Party (PUP). Essentially they're the same thing. Politics here are a bit questionable, so no matter what, companies end up having the final say. That said, both parties held a number of rallies, busing in people from the villages, as well as putting up signs and flags all over the district. I was a bit worried about election day, assuming it would be wild, but it was very quiet. There were no alcohol sales that day, so it certainly helped things. People were lined up to vote at 6:30.

In the end, the UDP, the incumbent party, retained their majority, but the PUP won a number of seats to at least gain some voice. We shall see what difference it makes.

Greg and I found a crab climbing the downstairs door.
Greg says he looks scary in this picture. "There has to be a better picture." Sorry, Greg, the others were worse. At least the crab looks good.

Last week, the glorious Fairfield University came to Belize. Unlike last year, they spent all their time working in Belize City with Hand in Hand Ministries, building a house for a lovely lady named Miss Rosa. I met them at the airport then spent the next four days with them. My skills as a master carpenter for theater Fairfield came in handy. It was a whole lot of fun hanging out with some great people, getting my hands dirty, and playing some good card games. Reconnecting with a place I love was well worth the many hours on a bus.

Heading into the worksite.

Moving the platform into place.

Taking a lunch break.

Looking good on the second day.

Since returning from Belize City, we have been entertaining Kevin O'Brien, the president of JVC. The two of us rode down together on the bus and we've cooked for him and showed him around PG and our work sites. He left this morning, so we wish him bon voyage.

April is fast approaching. We have the first two weeks off from school for the Easter holiday, so hopefully I'll have some time to write a new blog. Or I'll just be sitting on the veranda, enjoying the view that I won't have in a matter of months.

People have also requested more pictures of the library. Here they are! Adu!