Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Sorry for the lack of posts in the past while. I've been distracted with life down here and much of it isn't particularly interesting, even for me. I'm just going to post up some pictures this week, with the hopes of more words coming next.

Spelling Bee last week. This was the elimination round for the school, from which two students went on to this week, for the District Finals. I was a judge last week and will again be one tomorrow.

Good graffiti.

Even better graffiti on my library door.

Dawn. I've been getting up at 5am every day to do some writing (obviously not blog writing, sorry), and get to see the quiet of the morning.

More morning light.

Today was the 100th day of school, so the younger students made posters in which the days were represented by pictures, stamps, bottle caps, candy.

Some of the kids hanging out.

Lee, the Brit, and I did some more painting in our basement. Here's my recent addition.

And Lee's.

This is by far the strangest reason I've had to close the library: Killer Bees. These were uncovered last week, so I had to close the library for two days because kids were getting stung. Apparently an elderly lady got killed by bees a few years ago on the school grounds, so the school is taking it seriously. And yes, they are legitimately Africanized Killer Bees.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Video Blog!!!

Ok, this is pretty self explanatory. Just open up the YouTube link and press play.
Also, if you can count how many times I say, "yeah", then you win a prize.
***This has quite literally taken me four days to upload. I started on Monday, it is now Thursday.

Part One
Part 2
Part III

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Greetings! Ok, so, here's the deal. On Sunday I received a glorious new camera sent from my mom. Thanks mom! Sadly, I have not managed to upload the pictures yet. My bad. Next week will be glorious.

But. We went on retreat this weekend to Blue Creek. It was a most excellent experience, and while there I wrote up an entry, similar to the Guatemala post. After this, I'm putting up pictures from Fairfield's trip to Belize. I stole them off of Facebook, via Katyln Griffin's album. I lay no claim to taking these pictures.

Ok. Enjoy.

Rainy Saturdays

Such a drag. Ruining plans. Stupid weather! On my day off! Rain, rain, go away, come again another day.
I am certain I, and perhaps you, have said these things when the dark clouds roll in and the wet stuff starts coming down.
Heading out to Blue Creek, a village that served as the location of our retreat this weekend, I was, if not cursing the weather, certainly lamenting it. We, the Punta Gorda JV community, have been planning this retreat for a month. The location was perfect. It was out in the jungle, right by a cave from which flows an emerald river. Trails snake through the thick forest. It would be great.
Instead, on Friday, the skies were dark and rain imminent. My thoughts were wasted worrying over activities and considering how we could find any fun with this weather.
Perhaps it was the relaxed spirit of retreat, or maybe it was just what was unconsciously desired, but the rain was not a detriment to our plans, but served to enhance them. Lucy found the wardrobe and a world unknown, not on a day of sun, but of rain. Sitting on the dry porch of a cabin, clutching a hot, steaming cup of tea, listening to reflecting jokes, stories, hopes casually shared by friends may be as freeing as exploring the depths of a majestic tropical paradise. This was a forced excursion into a realm of conversation, with a symphony of tree winds, rooftop drumming, and winged whistling in the background. Naps are encouraged, sometimes mandated today, allowing us to drift off for a while, immitating the mist that arrives without a sound.
Put on those socks, pull on a sweatshirt, grab a hot drink, find a book or an interesting person, and enjoy your rainy Saturday

Kekoa and I checking out our flowers

The church being built in Delores. Before Fairfield got there, this was pretty much just a foundation and some short, chest level walls.

Bending steel!!!

I shouldn't really be in this picture, as I didn't even do that much work, but ah well, I'll take it.