Saturday, July 17, 2010

My Address!!!

Hey everybody, which probably is like 6 people right now.
I leave Monday, which is July 19, for orientation at Boston College. From there I fly out to Belize on August 1. I probably won't have computer access at BC, so this might be my last post from America, so I figure I'll make it count.
If you feel so inclined to send me a letter, then you can send it here:

Jeremy Shea
Jesuit Volunteer Corps
St. Peter Claver Rectory
PO Box 25
Punta Gorda, BELIZE

Apparently I have a phone number too:
I have no idea what happens if you call that number though, so don't try it just yet.

So, I'm currently packing the essentials/procrastinating packing anything, as well as feeling quite excited and anxious for departure. I mostly will miss you.
Thus, I must continue packing then have a sweet camping shabang tonight.
Fare thee well and the next update should be coming from Belize. When that is, I have no idea. Perhaps the middle of August? Earlier? We shall see.
Thanks for visiting and check back soon!


Keep exploring. Keep discovering.


  1. Our international intervention posse is ready at a moment's notice if we don't see updates to this blog at least once a week young man!