Sunday, October 24, 2010

"Sir, where's the old librarian?"

Helloooooooooooooo to you.
I hope today finds you very well. We are currently trying to figure out if Hurricane Richard is going to hit us. Hopefully it does not. But if it does, we know what next weeks blog will be about. That will have to wait until then. As for now…..

This week was boring.
I’m sorry. I tried, I really did. No dice.

The kids had testing every day, thus leaving me alone in the library, reading, drawing, and spacing out. During the younger division break on Tuesday there were so many kids trying to climb over me that I just ran. A few seconds into my flight, I turned around to find 20 screaming children in pursuit. Every morning since then my running and their chase has become a tradition. The numbers of pursuers has also risen, with around 50 kids on Friday.

Hmmm, that story wasn’t as entertaining as I hoped.

On Tuesday I decided to shave off the beard that has been growing on my face for the past three months. One of the many names the children call me has been “Mr. Santabeard.” (Others include Mr. Shea, Mr. Shane, Mr. O’Shea, Mr. Librarian, Mr. Library Man, White Man, and Father (the younger kids call me this. I suppose priests are the only white men they see on high frequency)). Anywho, I decided it was time for change.

The next day, children literally came up and asked me where the old librarian was. One teacher told me her whole class was trying to figure out if it was me or not.

I got excellent letters with pictures from Townhouse 18 on Thursday. Shout out and thank yous to Dana, Erin, and Katie!!!! I believe pictures were the first request I made here, so now they hold a nice place on my wall.

The rest of the tales I was considering telling are not worth your time. Thus, I shall leave you with some pictures!!! I’m sure there’s someone out there who just skips to these in the first place, so here they be!

Ah yes, the Toledo FreeZone, with 12 foot fences.

Lets not....

Coconuts I carved

Enjoy your last week of October!! I for one will, if only for your reading enjoyment.


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  2. I cannot stop laughing! Old librarian!

    You will be an old librarian to me until the day I die.

    Glad to see you're doing well. The pictures are beautiful. Miss you!