Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Belize Navidad

Late is the time the blog arrives.

And it isn't even all that exciting. Or is it....

The next blog, however, will be most excellent. On Friday I am leaving for a six day trip through Guatemala with Al, during which we should be hiking up the highest peak in Central America, the 4,220m Volcan Tajumulco.

That is called a teaser.

This past week involved no teasing, but mostly just lots of work. It was exam week at school, so the kids had three or four exams a day for the week. That is way too much if you ask me. Mind you, this isn’t college. Seven year olds have the same schedule. I used the down time to hang out in the library (thankfully not subbing) and repaired torn and well loved books. If one has the time and motivation, you can read probably 30 picture books in a few hours without breaking a sweat and simultaneously accomplishing actual work.

On Friday we hosted a collection of interesting individuals, including Martin and Karen. Martin works for one of the conservation groups in town, while Karen is his girlfriend from Belgium. Martin worked as a street musician for a few years, so he is insane at guitar, then joined the circus (I know, right?), where he met Karen. They ended up splitting off and forming a hula hoop troupe. Let me tell you, watching a professional hula hooper perform in your living room is simply incredible. Just picture it: a person laying down, hula hoop spinning on her foot, then quickly standing and suddenly the hoop is spinning around her neck. Spectacular. We got some lessons too, though it will take a while to get that good. Oh, and in case you were wondering, yes, she travels with a collapsible set of hula hoops.

This weekend was splendid. It was hot and sunny both days, so it was nice getting to relax and unwind after some long weeks. Saturday night was St. Benedict’s (where Al works) Christmas party. We got all dressed up then ate more than most human bodies can hold while Caribbean Christmas music was playing at deafening levels.

Our house!!!

Yesterday I visited every class at school and named names of those with late books to the library. This list included a few who, as of today, find themselves with books three months late. I mean, I’m really bad at returning books, seeing how at times I was banned from borrowing at the Sandwich Public Library due to my overdue fees, but seriously now. Three months is a long time. Hopefully I’ll see the books arriving sometime this week.

Hmmm, well my friend, this will be my last post for a while. I return by Christmas Eve, but I sure won’t be updating this until after the holiday.

So, dear reader, I wish you a very lovely and merry Christmas filled with joy and feasting.

Belize Navidad!!!

(and to those Fairfielders coming: see you in three weeks!!!)

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