Tuesday, September 20, 2011

I know, it's been a while

Alright, I feel badly about this. It has been far too long since the last blog. It has been a busy past month, so it isn't like we've been lazing around, twiddling our collective thumbs. No, we've been busy.

School started two weeks ago. I love the first day of school more than any other day of the year (other than the last day of school). Everyone is so excited to be back together. Even though the air isn't chilly like that in good ol' New England, there is still something fresh about the whole day.

Yay school!

The library has been the place to be these past few weeks. Of the 700 or so students who have library cards, about 350 of them have borrowed books. I've been working long days to keep the books in order, from usually 7:45 to 6, so that's been a bit draining. It's wonderful to see so many teachers encouraging their students to read, so I'm not complaining about the long hours.

In other news from PG:
We had a minor earthquake last week. The ground shook for maybe eight seconds. It was neat.
There was a parade for the students. It was incredibly hot and I drank many galleons of water afterward.


John, Greg, and I have been playing a whole lot of pool. Mostly Frankie, the greatest man alive and who works at the parish, plays with us. He might be a champion pool player, but he's a great coach as well.

Hanging out at MJ's

I've been reading Hemingway's complete short stories. They're really good. My stories can't compare, though I'm about 40 pages into a new book, so keep a close watch of the bestseller lists in the coming months.

Hello. Yes, I have a large beard right now. It's awesome. Girls apparently hate it. Children think I look like Joseph.

We missed half a day of school last week because the teachers went on strike. Why? Well, there's currently no propane in the country because the government has been taxing the companies so much that they're losing money. Thus, schools can't cook for children and they're very hungry. I think a deal was met, but we're conserving our propane just to be sure.

On this past Sunday, there was a charity fishing tournament and ocean volleyball game. Both were entertaining, as were the people selling tasty food in front of our house.

Sea volleyball tournament.

Fishing competition. That's a 16 pound barracuda.

There will be another post soon, I swear. If there isn't, send angry emails.
Thanks for reading, come back sooooooooooooooon.

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