Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Attack of the Fairfielders!!!

It is a hot, sunny Wednesday in PG. I imagine it is a cold, dreary day up north, so that makes me feel better.
This post is once again pictureless, but hopefully by next Friday, a new picture taking device will find its way into my hands, and then into your eyes. Well, not literally. That would hurt.
Last week!
So, as I mentioned, the Fairfield service group was in town for a solid seven days. For most of the week they were working out in Delores, one of the furthest villages in Toledo. On Friday I took the day off from school and went out with them. It was a wild two hour ride, but totally worth it. We spent some time working on the church the group was building, ate some tasty foods, then played futbol (soccer) with the children at the school. Afterward, the teachers challenged the lot of us to a volleyball match that they barely won.
It was quite awesome to have people I knew in town. While they got to see a bit of my reality, they also got to have an experience all of their own and one that will hopefully stay with them for a long time. So my friends, thanks for coming. I will miss you.
In other news, I started my reading program back up. I got a few new kids, but the rest are all the same from last semester. It was really nice to start getting into a schedule again and seeing the kids that make me love to go to work. I'm also doing a bit more special education this semester, so I have two kids to work with, hopefully to integrate them more into the classroom. It is so hard when there is no special teachers in the school who can work with children with disabilities. There is one blind child in the school and I can't imagine trying to learn when there are 30 other children in the classroom and the teacher really doesn't have the specialized training to help them.
Hmmm, apart from that, it has been a fine week. January is halfway over and the spring will soon come.
Good luck this week. Go on an adventure. Discover something neat.

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