Monday, January 10, 2011

Back in business

And so we find ourselves in another year, anxiously awaiting November 11 (11.11.11), and thus another blog has been written.

Firstly, I apologize for the lack of blogs over the past three weeks. Upon returning from Guatemala, things got hectic here. Christmas, visitors, New Years, the brothers of Matt, more visitors. We have had a very busy time. (Item, emit, and mite can also be spelled with the letters that spell “time”. Thought you should know). Anyways, I hope you enjoyed the last post. It was definitely my favorite one I have written, both from Belize and Botswana.

Secondly, I sadly announce the untimely but inevitable demise of my trusty camera. It had traveled with me to three continents and Central America and took around 20,000 pictures, if not more. It died the day I was leaving for Guatemala, but luckily Matt was kind enough to lend me his for our journey. Lovely, taped up photographic friend, you shall be missed.

Thirdly, if there is a Miss Cindy out there, send me an email! Someone described as a 71 year old teacher from the US came to Peter Claver while I was in Guatemala and dropped off school supplies for the teachers. I am told she was asking for me, so if you dear reader know who this wonderful lady is, please let me know. And if it is you, thank you.

Fourthly, JACK MCNAMARA. (I hope that was suitable).

Fifthly, let’s begin!

So, school was scheduled to begin again today, but because of the days off from the hurricanes, we started up again on Wednesday last week. I was SO glad to get back to work, mostly because I was getting a little antsy hanging around and having so many guests around. Lots of kids came up to me asking me if I remembered them. I don’t think I give the impression of having a terrible memory, but apparently they think I do. (I remembered most of them, by the way.)

On Friday I believe I had food poisoning, so I was out of school for my first sick day this year. Though, when you live next to school, “staying home” doesn’t really apply. Nothing is worse than being really sick and hearing kids screaming outside your window. Actually, what is worse is that the Fairfield service group was arriving that day as well. Of all days!!! They got in late that day (due to a flat tire), so by that point I was back on my feet and capable of eating things again.

It has been AWESOME to have Fairfield here. A little weird seeing them roll around the streets of PG, but really nice to see lots of people I know and share a bit of my life here with them. Currently they are out in Delores, a village about 2 hours away, building a hurricane shelter.

There are a few other service groups in town right now, including Marquette (Al’s alma mater). They had us over for dinner last night at the place they’re staying and we had mighty tasty food and great conversations.

In other news, Matt’s Jesuit friend, Father Prayne came to visit for a few days. In his ambitious stay, he decided we should have chickens. Thus, a chicken coup was constructed (it may be more sturdy than our actual house) and a laying hen was procured. Frances, our hen, has already laid three eggs for us. More chickens will be gathered soon, so if you want to Donate-a-Chicken, let us know. Laying hens are only $5.50 US. Chicks are about $.50 US.

Well my friends, I hope your New Year has started off well. Weekly updates shall be occurring from now until probably Easter, but that’s a long way off. Thanks for reading and I promise more pictures next time.

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