Tuesday, April 5, 2011

April Come She Will

You find yourself reading my blog once again, and I find myself staring at Easter fast approaching on the calendar. April has arrived, and with it, heat to make my fingernails sweat. Apparently the next two months or so will be the hottest in Belize, and it definitely seems that way right now. Rumor has it the heat index (a combination of temperature and humidity) is somewhere in the 108 range, which is high. The library has been particularly dreadful. I've had to resort to making children hold their breath when looking for books to stop them from adding more heat to the building. For some reason no one is complying.

Baxter checking out the sunrise

Well, since last time I promised I'd put up pictures of the football tournament I coached, here they are. I actually ended up being a line judge for every game that day and let me tell you, children haven't really grasped the concept of offsides in this country yet. Someday they will learn.

Football by the sea.

I did some major shifting around of shelves and books in the library this past week (really bad timing with the heat), and it looks quite nice if I say so myself. I may be working on a grant to get computers, AC, and new books into the library, but that will remain to be seen. In the meantime, children still roll on in and make my job worthwhile.

Library looking clean.

Living it up in Belize. Thanks to Father Kevin Dyer for the picture taking on this one.

Last week we held Sports Afternoon. Events includes the three legged race, slow bicycle race, and the mattress relays. What is the slow bicycle race, you ask? Well, it is essentially six children on bikes, and the one who comes in last without touching the ground with their feet wins. It is very, very slow, though the first one was entertaining (the last five, not as much). For anyone who has participated in a mattress relay (I know those grads of the HT Wing School have), it was a glorious event that mostly resulted in mayhem with children running full tilt into one another.

Three Legged Race

Slow Bicycle Race

Sorry the blogs have been scarcer lately. It is difficult for me to sometimes come up with interesting things to write about. While the first couple months were all new and exciting, now things kind of have settled down. Normalcy has arrived. This is great for me, but not as great for you, who would like to know things about my life. However, I will be travelling to Honduras and Nicaragua on April 15 for a week and a half to be there for Semana Santa (Holy Week). Many good stories and pictures will come from that trip, so make sure to check back in for that. I'll probably do something similar to the Guatemala post, and people seemed to enjoy that one.

Well, I hope everyone is enjoying their day and that the Red Sox aren't losing. Huzzah Huzzah!

Neat clouds.

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