Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Yes, very late

Riots around the world are spreading. The earth is quaking. The NFL is striking.
All because I haven't posted a blog in a while. Sorry dear friends. My bad.

In the time I haven't been sitting at the computer posting pictures and thoughts, much has been going on. So much, that I don't quite know where to start. I last left you with an image of the killer bees. Now, they are all dead, and the students have been saved from the terror they brought upon the school.

Other news, events, happenings:

The library is hopping. After a renewed effort to get students reading by the teachers, I've been quite busy getting new library cards out, reading to classes, and putting new books on the shelves. I'm also in the midst of purging the library of undesirable books. As much as I love having 40 high school art books, no child has ever touched them. To the boxes they go.

This month is childrens month in Belize, with the catchy title of: Child Stimulation Month. Yeah. I know. There's been a lot of parades of cute preschoolers going through town, so that is always a nice distraction from work.

Tots of Jesus. Best banner ever.

Educate your children parade.

We had running races with the kids a few weeks ago and I decided I would run. There were four races, and I can say I won all the ones I ran in (3). The races were each about three quarters of a mile, but the kids, every time, would sprint the first hundred yards. I have thus decided to try and start a track club.

Last week I was gone from PG (more excuses as to why no blog). I went up to Belize City for the weekend to hang out with the volunteers up there and enjoy the city. It was strange being around so many people again and hearing the noises of busy streets and crowded neighborhoods.

Chilling out at the JV Belize City house.

That Monday, a holiday, the La Ruta Maya finished right down the street from the JV house. For those who don't know what this is, La Ruta Maya is a three day canoe race down a river. The canoes have three people in them and it is a grueling event. Here's some pics from the finish line.

Look! Over there!

Epic finish. After three days, the team won by only a few yards.

Lots of people waiting for the canoes to start coming in. There were 80 teams altogether and they were from all over the world.

After spending five days in the city, the rest of the PG community came up and we had a retreat on Caye Caulker. This is a really cool spot in Belize and very different from the rest of the country. The streets are all sand and no vehicles are allowed, only golf carts. There were a bunch of tourists and spring breakers rolling around, but it was nice to just sit on the beach, read, and reflect. I came back to PG with a renewed enthusiasm, ready to conquer all before Easter comes upon us.

Ice cream and Mustaches!

Sandy streets and pirate bar

Well, my time in the computer lab is limited before students decend upon us. I'm coaching a football (soccer) team on Friday for a tournament, so I'll be sure to post up pictures from that.

Fare thee well and happy St. Paddy's Day!!! Also, happy birthday Grandma!

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